Eli Scheier

Spiritual Psychology Counselor / Yoga & Meditation Teacher
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About ELI

“How does one go about inspiring others? We first need to inspire ourselves. I like to think that whatever message I share with others is nothing more than a message that I myself need to hear. My feeling is if this message is helping and inspiring me, perhaps there are others going through the same insecurities and asking the same questions as I am. It also helps me to remember to let go of the outcome. Whether people actually listen and learn from it should not have any impact on what I say or do. As long as I know that what I say comes from the heart and that it helps me grow then I am happy. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.” Eli Scheier


An established counselor and teacher of yoga, meditation and spiritual psychology, Eli is focused on his deep connection to Mother Earth. Having studied in India, Israel, Bali & Mexico, as well as a Masters in Clinical Psychology-Spirituality, Mind, Body from Columbia University, Eli loves sharing wisdom and knowledge from many diferent teachers, cultures and traditions.

At the foundation of Eli’s practice is his teaching of self-love and self-healing, providing his students and clients with tools to help them establish better and stronger relationships with themselves, with others and with the environment. His practice is about creating a deeper understanding and connection between our Mind, Body and the universe existing around us in the present moment.

Eli’s diverse background often opens up relatable conversations with his students and clients, to help them grow. Originally from New York – at the start of his career, Eli held a position on Wall Street. Despite his success and involvement in many aspects of community and charitable programs, Eli felt a strong connection to the notion that he needed to fulfill a deeper purpose.

Overtime, he was inspired to seek an awakened path of purpose, meaning and fulfillment. He followed his calling to Bali, India & Israel, where he learned about the power of truth, stillness and non-attachment through Yoga, Meditation and Kabbalah. Upon returning to his home state of New York, Eli was introduced to organic farming where his practice of meditation and stewardship flourished. He then completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology Spirituality Mind Body at Columbia University.

From there his journey brought him to Tulum, where he had the honor of studying and assisting Dr. Bobby Klein for 8 years, one of the most recognized and respected therapists and counselors in the continent. Eli has been the Director of Wellness at Ahau Collection for the past 9 years. Through his role with Ahau, he has created and implemented a diversified program of wellness to nourish Mind, Body and Spirit. He is also the founder of I AM LOVE Retreats – a retreat program centered around the guided teachings of self-love. Eli is also the curator of Breathe With Me, the wellness arm of Art With Me, an international conscious community gathering to bring awareness of the environment and each other through Art in all of its forms.

Spiritual Psychology Counselor / Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Eli integrates clinical psychology principles with eastern spiritual teachings coming from Buddhism and Kabbalah, recognizing the significance of the spiritual dimension in mental and emotional well-being. He encourages self-love and self-discovery as pathways of personal healing and transformation, helping his clients to foster strong and positive relationships with themselves.

Originally under the guidance of Dr. Bobby Klein, Eli has been working with individuals and couples for the past 8 years, his unique approach provides a wide variety of self-exploration modalities that can be tailored to each individual accordingly.

By implementing the practice of presence and mindfulness with simple yet powerful and effective tools, Eli helps individuals to: realize their full potential, release trauma and take charge of their lives.

When working with couples Eli emphasizes the importance of exploring new ways of communication and expressing and receiving love. Promoting authentic engagement in a nurturing, compassionate and safe space is central to his practice.

What his community says:

I really can’t say enough good things about Eli. I’m just grateful he came into our lives! My husband and I wanted to build better communication between each other and work on our friendship again too. Life can get a little hectic especially with a baby on the way and Eli helped us slow down and revamp how we thought about each others concerns and how we handled disagreements and our emotions. We really appreciate that he operates from a place of love and meditation. We don’t feel judged at all and it’s such a calming space where we truly feel safe to say how we feel. We look forward to sessions with him because we’ve already seen such a difference in the way we communicate with each other, the gentleness this has brought into our marriage, the love it’s brought into ourselves as individuals, and we can’t wait to learn even more. We highly highly highly recommend him. Thank you, Eli.

Dania M.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Let me just start off by saying Eli is amazing like has perfected his craft to the point their is no holes in what he says , his methods worked to a T when I thought I had no hope left he helped me find in two sessions. He is not biased at all, he is very thorough on everything making sure you understand him and what he has you to do to get a better place me and my husband had been having communication issues and he really help us find our foundation again. Realize the love we have for each other is much bigger than any argument we could be in. He teaches you operate from a place of love. Anyway this man comes highly recommended if your looking for individual counseling or couples counseling he is your guy. I recommended him To one of my married friends and I know he will help them get the results they are looking for. call him!!!

Destiny B.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Eli worked with me and my husband and I can’t say enough good things about him and his I Am Love Method. His method, techniques and practices worked wonders in our relationships with ourselves as individuals and also as a couple.

Bea B.

I cannot recommend Eli enough. I really value Eli’s ability to listen and offer practical advice on how to handle life challenges in all different capacities. I’ve never felt more comfortable talking to someone. I highly recommend working with Eli!

Aleksandra M.

Eli is truly unique in his approach and openness. He is inclusive, relaxed and down to earth. Although incredibly humble, one can’t help but to quickly appreciates his wisdom, knowledge and remarkable gratitude with a glint of his terrific sense of humor. His guided meditation and workshops are exceptional and unlike any previously experienced. Eli provides a safe and sacred space which is both inviting and nurturing and attracts individuals from all over the globe and all walks of life. If you have the chance to experience Eli’s, I am love therapy, be prepared to enjoy a complete departure from day to day chaos and it’s heaviness and leave transformed into peace, centeredness and an intense appreciation for self, life and the planet. You’ll enjoy the benefit of renewed positive energy and tools for ongoing self practice and nurture. As a busy and burnt out healthcare provider, his therapy soothed me into achieving self love and healing and to find renewed balance and purposefulness. I know that I am love.

Jane G.

Eli is an amazing teacher, guru and friend of his clients We love him

Bea B.

Eli is one of the most unique mental health professionals I’ve ever met and am truly grateful to have been able to work with him. His nature is so gentle, kind, and approachable while also possessing so much wisdom and professionalism. He observes carefully and is instantly able to cultivate programs and knowledge that are beneficial to each individual. He also takes traditional practices and breaks them down in a way that not only makes sense, but allows you to use as a tool to carry with you throughout life. The best part about Eli is that he makes you realize your true potential as an individual and help you find your inner guidance to continue on your path. Thank you Eli for the transformation and all of what you have taught me. To anyone else reading this, the investment in yourself is without question worth it.

Ashley T.

I found Elis help insightful and inspiring. Shift my perspective has changed my life experience. Eli really hears me which I appreciate. Techniques are creative and fun. I highly recommend and I will be continuing to do retreats and sessions as often as I’m able. He helps us a lot with our community and charity efforts too! Earthday celebration was fabulous.

Kimberly C.

Eli is easy to talk to and always creates a safe space for us to do our sessions together. I love how he helps me to connect with my most authentic self by reminding me always that we are love and not our ego. I highly recommend working with Eli

Bea B.