Eli Scheier

Spiritual Psychology Counselor / Yoga & Meditation Teacher
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About ELI

“How does one go about inspiring others? We first need to inspire ourselves. I like to think that whatever message I share with others is nothing more than a message that I myself need to hear. My feeling is if this message is helping and inspiring me, perhaps there are others going through the same insecurities and asking the same questions as I am. It also helps me to remember to let go of the outcome. Whether people actually listen and learn from it should not have any impact on what I say or do. As long as I know that what I say comes from the heart and that it helps me grow then I am happy. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.” Eli Scheier


An established counselor and teacher of yoga, meditation and spiritual psychology, Eli is focused on his deep connection to Mother Earth. Having studied in India, Israel, Bali & Mexico, as well as a Masters in Clinical Psychology-Spirituality, Mind, Body from Columbia University, Eli loves sharing wisdom and knowledge from many diferent teachers, cultures and traditions.

At the foundation of Eli’s practice is his teaching of self-love and self-healing, providing his students and clients with tools to help them establish better and stronger relationships with themselves, with others and with the environment. His practice is about creating a deeper understanding and connection between our Mind, Body and the universe existing around us in the present moment.

Eli’s diverse background often opens up relatable conversations with his students and clients, to help them grow. Originally from New York – at the start of his career, Eli held a position on Wall Street. Despite his success and involvement in many aspects of community and charitable programs, Eli felt a strong connection to the notion that he needed to fulfill a deeper purpose.

Overtime, he was inspired to seek an awakened path of purpose, meaning and fulfillment. He followed his calling to Bali, India & Israel, where he learned about the power of truth, stillness and non-attachment through Yoga, Meditation and Kabbalah. Upon returning to his home state of New York, Eli was introduced to organic farming where his practice of meditation and stewardship flourished. He then completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology Spirituality Mind Body at Columbia University.

From there his journey brought him to Tulum, where he had the honor of studying and assisting Dr. Bobby Klein for 8 years, one of the most recognized and respected therapists and counselors in the continent. Eli has been the Director of Wellness at Ahau Collection for the past 9 years. Through his role with Ahau, he has created and implemented a diversified program of wellness to nourish Mind, Body and Spirit. He is also the founder of I AM LOVE Retreats – a retreat program centered around the guided teachings of self-love. Eli is also the curator of Breathe With Me, the wellness arm of Art With Me, an international conscious community gathering to bring awareness of the environment and each other through Art in all of its forms.

Spiritual Psychology Counselor / Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Over the past decade, Eli has cultivated a one thousand person community in Black Rock City, the Israeli desert, and Tulum. His passion for tending to the needs of a community are vastly rooted in years of experience.

With deep connections to Gaia, Eli has learned to tap into universal energies of love, certainty, and healing. Currently, he teaches yoga, meditation and mindfulness in Tulum, Mexico, where he inspires his students to create lasting connections to the local natural environments by focusing on the Mind, Body and Universe connection that always surrounds us.

What his community says:

“The White Wizard! Eli. He was like the anchor of the retreat, like the lighthouse you look for when you are trying to find your way. He has such a kindness in his eyes – I wish I’d hugged him more! He was like a father figure or a cool older brother that you just feel safe around, cared for and at ease. I was also inspired to see him doing yoga everyday. Truly a great example of practicing what you preach and living the life you set out to.”  


Retreat Guest  

The beachfront area is as good as it gets, and the yoga class with Eli was fantastic. You can’t go wrong with Ahau and we will be back as soon as we can! 


Trip Advisor

“Just felt safe having Eli around. I felt like he was completely on top of things. “


Retreat Guest  

My mom, sister and I stayed for 6 nights and took full advantage of their delicious food, daily yoga classes (Eli’s were our favorite) 

Ninny Van

Trip Advisor

The beachfront area is as good as it gets, and the yoga class with Eli was fantastic. You can’t go wrong with Ahau and we will be back as soon as we can! 

Archiebald A

Trip Advisor

I would stay here every time if I could! AMAZING VIBES!! Also- take a yoga class from Eli. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, friendly and loves to teach! 

Meghan Haffy 

Trip Advisor

The day starts with the most rewarding yoga instructed by a very powerful and mysterious master. I think they call him ‘Eli’ as he has some priestly powers. We went back every day and now crave yoga in Manhattan. (Eli, if you can hear us, please come teach classes in New York). 


Trip Advisor

My wife and me had yoga practice every morning with Eli. Eli is great teacher who inspired us and helped to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions

We would like to come back again and continue our yoga practice next year. 

Danila M. Moscow, Russia,

Trip Advisor

 I was also blown away by the Yoga, (i recommend Eli’s class), intuitive instruction, great tunes & beautiful views 

Twoskies1 Kinghorn, UK. 

Trip Advisor

Our Yoga classes with Eli were healing and empowering. His voice and intuitive guidance was exactly what we needed. And great music! 

Bgontheroad Calistoga, California

Trip Advisor

We did yoga almost every day and the classes at Ahau are just amazing. Gloria and Eli (plus two other teachers whose names I didn’t catch) melded great instruction with the perfect amount of energy/spiritual encouragement sprinkled in 

Pink Victory, Boulder, Colorado

Trip Advisor

I practiced yoga three times during our stay and Eli is such a beautiful teacher. 

Rebecca P. Chicago, IL.

Trip Advisor

I did yoga three times while I was there — classes are overlooking the ocean! Take Ellie’s class if you want to feel like Sean Connery from Medicine Man is teaching 🙂  


Trip Advisor

The yogi instructor Eli was absolutely fantastic! Looking at the reflection of sunlight on the water at the beach in distance from yoga studio, Eli will guide you to the peaceful state of mind with a little bit of a twist (you have to attend to know what I’m talking about!), it was a great way to start a day/week of the last days of 2017.  

Blueskylover2014 NY, NY

Trip Advisor

“Eli taught one day and he was awesome. He taught a flow yoga class and he was super helpful providing guidance and acceptance.   

Mike R. Los Angeles, CA. 

Trip Advisor

 I especially loved Eli’s ability to get you to release all of your emotions/thoughts/energy thru yoga in a way that I have not experienced in the Chicagoland area. Truly renewing for me.  

Adrienne M , Crystal Lake

Trip Advisor

Best hotel in Tulum!

Ahau Tulum has become my happy place, my personal paradise and my home away from home. A magical place with wonderful people. The hotel is located in the perfect spot in Tulum, directly on the beach and walking distance to dozens of restaurants and boutiques. The rooms are stunning with incredible ocean views. The food is great and the activities onsite are amazing – great yoga classes (thanks Eli!), aerial silks, best kitesurfing lessons with Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, wonderful full moon and new moon circles with Abril and so much more.

Jennifer A